The Best Places in Athens

If you planning tours in Athens you can’t miss these places .

10. The Royal Palace and National garden

The Royal Palace was built in 1843 and was the first Royal Palace of modern Greece. This bounding is located in Zappeion next to the beautiful National Garden .This places is one of the most popular places for a Sunday work in Athens .

greek tours athens royal palace

9. Glyfada

Glyfada is one of the most famous districts of Athens. It is located on the seaside. There, you can find the most luxury shops, restaurant and hotels of Athens .Also Glyfada is the best place for water sports, sunbathing and clubbing.


8. Vouliagmenis's Lake

Vouliagmenis's lake is located on the South Coast of Athens, at the opposite side of the sea. This small lake is a must for relaxing and rehabilitation. The water of the lake has temperature between 21ο C and 27ο C, is brackish and has healing capacities. The bathing on the lake helps in many ailments as kind of arthritis, dermatological and gynecological conditions, as well as, in backaches and sciatica.


7. Mount Lycabettus

Mount Lycabettus is a very romantic place, where you can admire an amazing panoramic view of Athens. Lycabettus is located in the centre of Athens and is one the best place for romantic dinner or walk for two.


6. Acropolis Museum

The New Acropolis museum is located next of the Acropolis hill in the center of Athens. The museum inaugurated in the summer of 2009 , showcasing 4,000 exhibits. The most famous exponents are Parthenon Frieze, Athena statue, Color the Peplos Kore, Parthenon Gallery and Athena Nike.


5. Erechtheum

Erechtheum is an ancient temple which was dedicated to Athena and Poseidon. The template probably was built between 421 and 406 BCE. Erechtheum is located on the part of Acropolis, and it's one of the famous pieces of Greek architecture.



4. Ancient Agora

Ancient Agora is located in north part of Acropolis. In ancient Greece this place was the center of the city. Here the people did their shopping, they talked about politics and culture. On the view of Ancient Agora we can admire the Temple of Hephaestus which was built in the 5th century BC.


3. Monastiraki

Monastiraki is a very interesting district of Athens. Here you can drink cafe in midst of archaeological excavations you can visit Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens , and buy the best presents for your family .


2. Plaka

Plaka is another beautiful district of Athens. Plaka is located next to Acropolis and is one the most beautiful and interesting places of Athens. In Plaka you can admire buildings like Tower of the Winds which is an ancient meteorological station, "Door Medrese or Monument Lysikratous . Also you can visit interesting small museums like Museum of Modern European Painting and the Folk Art Museum.


1. Parthenon, Acropolis

The Acropolis in the most important place of Athens .On the hill of Acropolis is located the Parthenon, the temple in honor of the goddess Athena, that dates back to 447 BC. Acropolis hill offers a view of all Athens. Hundreds of thousand of tourist visit this place every year.


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