Culinary travel with GreekTours

For many people vacations in Greece is a Culinary Travel. If you visit Greece you must try its best foods and drinks, so we have prepared for you a top ten list!


1.Souvlaki (gyros me pita)

 Souvlaki is made with meat of pork or chicken with french fries, tomato, onion, lettuce and tzatziki being wrapped with flour pancakes


2.Frappe Coffee

As a result of high temperature in Greece, the most popular coffee is frappe. Frappe is foam-covered iced coffee drink made from instant coffee, generally, spray-dried.



Mousaka is a traditional greek dish that looks like cake , which includes eggplants , potatoes , minced meat , and béchamel sauce.



Greece is famous of fishing and fish dishes are most than common in Greece. The most tasty fish dishes are Lobster with pasta, Squid stuffed and Fried shrimps, Octopus cooked over charcoal and Anchovy in the oven.



Loukoumades are one of the traditional Greek sweets. Loukoumades are small round donuts with frosting, chocolate syrup or honey served.


6.Spinach Pie

Delicious crunchy pie with spinach and feta cheese is one of the best for brunch


7.Feta Cheese

One of the most famous products of Greece! Feta cheese is an addition to many Greek dishes like Greek Salad. Also feta cheese fried in a pan with sesame seeds and honey.


8.Greek Salad

One the most famous salads of the world. This dish is a composition of Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Olives, Feta Cheese and Olive Oil.



Red, White or Rose, Sweet or Dry. Greek wine is one of the most known of the world.


10.Greek Spoon Sweets‏

Delicious sweet made from fruits such as oranges, figs, peaches and other fresh fruites.

In Greece are served as a gesture of hospitality with café.


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